hanging weight. Our cattle are not given any growth hormones or antibiotics,they are born on our family farm and I grow all their feed on our farms.The cattle have access to fields all year round. We raise the cattle the old fashioned way,caring for them with GREAT care, producing real meat!  Sides typically weight 250lbs and split sides half of that with all the same cuts.

YOU CAN CHOOSE BETWEEN A SIDE OR A SPLIT SIDE ( A QUARTER) . WITH BOTH YOU GET ALL THE REGULAR CUTS OF NATURAL BEEF, CUT TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS.WE HAVE A QUESTION SHEET THAT WE CAN SEND YOU OR ASK YOU OVER THE PHONE ON HOW YOU WANT YOUR BEEF CUT. Our cattle spend their summer grazing season on one of our natural grass pastures located in a field on one of our farms near Newtonville. 

ALL NATURAL GRASS FED GROUND BEEF WHEN AVAILABLE IS $125 for 25 lb.(sold out0 in approx. 1 lb. packages(SOLD OUT). Liver,heart.kidney etc. and/or soup bones from our Grass Fed Cattle in 10 lb boxes are $30, supplies are limited. Patties are also available in 10 lb packages (40 patties) . Our patties are made from our 100% lean ground grass fed beef, NO fillers.We also offer lean grass fed trim for dog food, price is $2.00 lb.